Pisa Lisa

2245 W. SR 89A, West Sedona

Ciao friends!
I want to welcome you lovers of authentic pizza to visit us at our new Pisa Lisa Wood Fired Authentic Pizzeria. A little back story: I’ve always wanted to bring an Authentic Pizza experience to the Verde Valley. I learned the art of crust making from a master Pizzaiolo right here in the U.S. I went to Napa not Naples and I am proud of our product as it is exactly what I wanted it to be; ultra thin and indescribably delicate. Combinations are classic, traditional and whimsical whatever you choose they will make you feel happy inside.

Our salads are simply ‘primo’! As you would expect they are organic with locally sourced ingredients paired to Dahl-up each tantalizing pizza combination you might imagine. All you need is one look at our gourmet deli and decadent desserts case to know nothing is Mezzo, Mezzo here.

We only have one standard – our ingredients are platinum, combined for delicious consistency. We believe in the very best for you and won’t compromise and we feel that imitation is the highest form of flattery. “In Food we Trust”.

Chef e’ Amici
Blessing e’ Bacios
Lisa Dahl

Open: Mon - Sat 11:30am - 9pm   Sun 12 - 9