Clarkdale Kayak Company

Beat the summer heat and enjoy a fun river adventure!
920 Main St, Clarkdale

The Clarkdale Kayak Company is a family run business along with a cadre of dedicated team members. They each put their heart and soul into this business in order to pass on to you a little bit of their passion towards the Verde River, this Valley and the amazing life it provides.

Hop in one of our top of the line, hard-shell kayaks and cruise down the scenic Verde River. These boats feature a sit-on-top design that makes them comfortable, stable and most of all, safe. Kayaking the Verde River in Clarkdale is an absolute blast! It's a fun, interactive experience where you get to cool off and learn about the unique history of the Verde River.

You gotta paddle it with a kayak in the desert with Clarkdale Kayak Company!