Earth Wisdom Jeep Tours

The Original Sedona Vortex Jeep Tour Company
293 N SR 89A

When you are in Sedona Arizona and not just looking to do a jeep tour but interested in a journey, experience with us why there's something mystical about Sedona. We are the only Sedona vortex tour company authorized to use jeeps in the National Forest. Our journeys put one in touch with the teaching of the Native Americans ~ their myth, lore, and methods of natural living and healing.

Our Sedona Jeep Tours since 1989, have enjoyed a solid reputation of exceptional Guides, authentic sacred journeys and rugged remote adventures in and around Sedona, Arizona. Our goal is to guide you by jeep and by foot onto the land away from the more crowded areas to a place where there is time and space to feel the magic, beauty, and natural quiet of this magnificent scenery and ancient pilgrimage site. This is where adventure, education and solitude blend in the heart. What most people may not realize about us is that this is not your everyday, roller-coaster jeep tour company, it is an experience with Mother Nature.

Our Sedona jeep tours are highly specialized and personalized with that extra touch of knowledge, friendly connection, and a sense of humor to lighten up the journey. You are always learning something about nature, about Sedona, about the energy and mostly about your connection with life. Feel the inspiration that the lands of Sedona bring.