Sedona Heritage Museum

Learn all about Sedona's history in a beautiful park setting
735 Jordan Rd, Sedona

The Sedona Heritage Museum was once a homestead for the Jordan Family and is now, along with the Sedona Historical Society, working with the community to preserve the ever-growing history of Sedona. We focus on community events, education, history preservation, archives and restoration.

The main museum building was the farm home of Walter and Ruth Jordan. Its first room tells the stories of Sedona pioneers, how they lived and the things they used. The core of the Jordan House is the family’s original one-room cabin, built in 1930 and now restored with original furnishings. Four rooms were added in 1937, and the remainder of the present house was added in 1947.

One room now commemorates almost 100 feature movies made in Sedona — many during the Golden Age of westerns. Another room shows the life of the real cowboys and how they worked. There’s an old-time laundry room, a school room, and a room dedicated to the Schnebly family. There’s also an interesting US Forest Service exhibit provided by the Friends of the Forest.

We are the caretakers of Sedona area history. Visit us for personal enjoyment, entertainment, and education and research. Support us to insure the protection of the stories of our people, places and culture. Please feel free to call with any questions, 928-282-7038. Take care and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Monday - Sunday: 11:00 am-3:00 pm